Q: Can you get me into the Bluebird Cafe?

A: No


Q: If I get in to the Bluebird, can I video you?

A: No

Q: Can I record you? Audio, I mean….

A: No


Q: Can I text, or look up something on my phone?

A: No. Well, yes, if you leave the room. If you have your phone out, it is distracting, to me and to the people sitting around you. So, thanks for your consideration.


Q: Will there be a chance to take photos?

A: Yes! After the show…we’ll take as many as you want. Selfies…Ussies….


Q: Will there be a chance to buy CDs and Hatch Show Prints?

A: Yes! Again, after the show. And I take cash, checks, and credit cards.


Q: Is the Bluebird always sold out?

A: Yes and no. There’s always a few seats held back for folks who’ll stand in line. No guarantees, but often, everyone gets in!


Q: Do you ever play anywhere else? Anywhere away from Nashville?

A: Sometimes, but not often. Check “Shows”. You may be surprised.


Q: Do you ever play house concerts or private concerts?

A: Again, sometimes. Contact “booking” if you want to talk about it.