Lockeland Springsteen: Don Schlitz takes his Bluebird blood East

We are all familiar with the concept of nature versus nurture, a psychological concept that hypothesizes whether¬†we are most influenced by our hereditary disposition or the adaptive responses to certain environments and experiences. It is extremely applicable in the case of the Nashville identity, both humanly and musically. What does it mean to be a Nashvillian, and furthermore, what does it mean to be a Nashville musician? Continue reading →

Otis Gibbs Podcast with Don Schlitz

Have you heard Otis Gibbs’ podcast? It’s good oral history. I’m glad that I sat with Otis and talked…and talked….

Don talks about having Vince Gill as a wingman, meeting his wife at a baseball game, inventing the “songwriters in the round”, hearing his song on The Muppet Show, songwriting advice, writing On The Other Hand with Paul Overstreet, Randy Travis stories, meeting Roy Rogers, Kenny Rogers stories, etc.